Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Davisville, Toronto


David Drove


David drove me to the clinic for my vaccine. I told him to move along, that I’ll take the 4 km hike back. There I was filling out a form. The questionnaire was easy, especially when it asks, “Are you pregnant?” And the next one, “Are you breast-feeding?”


I proceeded to the queue and submitted. “Oh! I love that color! You made my day!” Said the woman at the medical desk. It was a short wait, a prick and I was off, south-bound.


I came to the Davisville area and the Beltline Trail. Hey, I know this park. I know people in the nearby high-rise. I called two of them. They were making their way down. While waiting on a bench I started talking to a young dad with his young daughter. Nice. Then, while waiting, a young woman came along.


“Are you a monk?”




“I have some questions about spirituality.”




Then we talked. To capsulize, I suggested she probe into real identity. We are not these bodies. We are spirits. Then identify the function of the spirit. To serve! To appreciate all that’s around. To cultivate a relationship with the Source. Contentment will come back. Loneliness fades. But don’t mistake the machinery for the soul. There was more. She was happy. I was happy.


My acquaintances came by one by one. At a distance from each other we spoke. I got a ride back, masked. I got in 2 km today.


May the source be with you!

2 km


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