Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto


Mayapura Meditation


When rain comes, as it does now as I write, it sets a mood for meditation. I was thinking about Mayapura in India as those raindrops hit the window panes of my room.


Mayapura has been bursting with energy, with so many pilgrims coming daily, families moving there to take up residence and a new temple arising. We get reports that while international travel has been slow, fueled by the virus restrictions, attendance from all over India has been good, especially during Holi/Gaura Purnima time in Feb/March.


Sadly, the aftermath of the big festival in March took its toll. Many residents and visitors became victim to Covid. One of the larger guest facilities, Bamsi Bhavan, has been turned into a clinic for the sick. That changes the mood right there. Utter caution and fear permeate the campus. It’s no time to play God and think you can transcend.


I contemplated on the peaceful morning; when walking and chanting on the trails through the mist becomes an absolute pleasure. That was pre-Covid. There’s this nice walkway with date trees dripping with sap, which is so excellent for enhancing the tranquil mind.


Is there a cure for Covid? Well, here’s something that helps. Our cook here in Toronto uses the following ingredients for tea: cardamon, bay leaves, cinnamon, jaggery, black pepper and ginger.


May the Source be with you!

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