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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto


Two Verses


While keeping indoors from ongoing showers, the real shelter for me for the afternoon was a Zoom call with our weekly Gita study group. We dove into chapter nine of this dialogue of a masterpiece. Krishna and Arjuna are communicating on an important subject matter.


Firstly, we examined text twenty-seven which is about the spirit of giving and doing all things in the right consciousness. “Do all things for me,” is Krishna’s direction, or, as I would put it, to offer everything to the Universe; implying the Creator. My choice of words depends on my audience. It’s easy to say “Do for God!” But if I’m speaking to environmentally conscious folks I might say “Do for the cosmos!”


Our group on the call are all Krishna-lovers and seekers, so using Krishna terminology is appropriate. I believe that all those on the weekly call are relishing it. The discussions are great. Questions and comments are a beautiful experience for participants. It only goes for an hour and I believe those who come on board, especially from more remote sections of the US or Canada, feel most connected.


In the verse that follows, text twenty-eight, was also a message to savour. It tells about Krishna’s character and how he impartially offers his assistance to all entities. The thoughts and remarks which came out of our discussion were on how in one verse He asks for His full attention and in the next He tells what He’ll do in reciprocation as His service to the individual. Yes, God (the universe) offers services.


May the Source be with you!

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