Tuesday 31 May 2022

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Moncton, New Brunswick

Something Going On?

It is quite obvious to Ryan and I that Moncton is ripe for a Krishna temple. During our walks we are encountering people who are asking, “Is something going on with Radha Krishna?” (Meaning are there gatherings for the Krishna chant?). For example, Akshay, from Madhya Pradish, India, studied in Moncton, got his degree, and is now delivering pizza for that money he needs. He was in his car when he spotted us, stopped and asked the question.

“We are working on it,” is our usual answer. Indeed, our dear and trusted Kadamba Priya, from Fredericton, has plans to visit Moncton monthly to encourage bhakti in this fine city. One more thing, a local woman by the name of Nancy is determined to see that a place of devotional service is established. By what means, I don’t know, but the other night at Louis’ she spoke passionately about it.

At Centennial Park, we converged with Ryan’s family – his Mum, brother and niece. It was sweet to see the reunion. Then, his bro led us to Victoria Park, where his friends were conducting what they call yoga aerobics. As usual, whenever devotees are present, there will be kirtan, chanting, so Ryan pulled out his drum. I led the kirtan while family and friends chanted together. This drew the attention of Vaishnavi, who came with her question, “Is there something going on in town, chanting-wise? I know Etienne who used to have weekly sessions.”

So, you see, Moncton is ripe.

May the Source be with you!

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Moncton, New Brunswick

Perfect Saturday

Louis is a musician in town who holds mini-concerts in his home. For years he resided in Toronto’s “Little India,” where he purchased and played instruments traditional to Mother India – everything from mrdanga drums to sitar and ecktar. Tonight was our night to hold our concert, which included a book launch for The Saffron Path. It was after our music that Louis pulled out, one by one, his musical string pride in the form of instruments from origins in China, India, and Arabic lands.

We were packed in Louis’ living room, half with musicians and half with spiritualists and healers. All got charged up by the chants that our group of four projected through the mics and monitors. They were loving it. Some of the attendees dove in to our small boutique corner purchasing books and beads for the hands and beads for the neck.

You could not experience a better Saturday night. It was the ultimate party, not in a traditional wild sense, but in a “natural high” experience. The musicians were totally in sync with our groove. We were one.

For me personally, the warm up for the evening was the walk along the Petitcodiac River at low tide (here you can witness the world’s highest tide). Ryan and I took to the wind, the sun, and the smell of lilac. It was all good.

May the Source be with you!

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Friday, May 27, 2022

Moncton, New Brunswick

Kindness is the Highlight

I do get overwhelmed by people’s kindness. For instance, Ravi opened up his house to us. We were fed, looked after, and he and his good wife also entertained us trough their six-year-old. Our whole troupe –Mahadeva, Anna Purna, Ryan – and I find children adorable, and this little one, Achintya, shows us both reverence and crankiness. Such is the way of childhood, and I might add that those traits may never leave us.

Enroute, we went to Moncton. I guess you could say it’s the place of monks. It’s the next province over that we ventured to, through the rain.

Once again, human sweetness eked out. Alicia and Eric gave us their whole house while they took a trip to the Ottawa region. On top of that, Jason and Nicole, their family, came forward with a load of groceries and gifts to hold us over for the next few days’ stay.

During some downtime for both our troupe and the rain, Ryan and I took to walking towards downtown. In the process, we met on foot Sharmaji carrying a bag. I introduced myself.

“I’m Bhaktimarga Swami. And you?”

“I am here to live. I arrived from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, I came six days ago…”

It was easy to make friends considering our cultural similarities. I noticed in his bag he carried a new cooking pot. He is truly just settling down. He was so excited to meet some people he could connect with.

Lastly, we met Patelji. He saw us walking and spun his car around.

“Hare Krishna. Is there some ISKCON program?” Once again, we were overjoyed, naturally, in finding friends. He gave us a ride to our vehicle some kilometres away. Kindness. Hopefully we meet again.

May the Source be with you!

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