Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Oakville, Ontario


In the Boxing Ring with Maya


When someone uses the word “boxing,” as in Boxing Day, it refers to the day after Christmas when shoppers go bananas over deals on sale. But in the more popular context, it’s a sport. I did a little research on the aggressive punching history of boxing.


The Egyptians were at the game about 3000 B.C. Greeks and Romans took it up. Boxing appears in the Greek epic “The Iliad.” Commonly, leather straps were tied around the wrist to the knuckle. Romans added metal strapping. In about 400 AD, the game was abolished by Romans for it being too brutal.


Europeans took it up in the 1600’s and some boxing schools opened up in the 1700’s. in the 1800’s it began to appear in America, and Theodore Roosevelt somewhat popularized it and involved himself in it to keep fit and in shape. The sport reached professional levels, generating oodles of money and making Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, and Mohammad Ali famous.


How does boxing fit into our lives? Well, most recently I gave some Zoom talks on the subject with a few communities – Toronto, Barrie and Scarborough – on how it is necessary, figuratively, to put up your dukes (slang for hands) against the opponent Maya, our illusion and temptation. In one sense, even the gentle seekers of truth require to take a defensive stance and battle with our subtle demons within.


We are all hearing about fighting viruses these days. The meanest of all viruses is our own selfishness. It is realistic to admit that that is our real enemy. So how about we put up a good defense in pro- and re-activeness. Put on your boxing gloves and knock Maya down.


May the Source be with you!

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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Etobicoke, Ontario


Quietest Day


This is the quietest day of the year. Even Walmart is closed. This, then, is a time, a mere 24 hours, when people have a greed-break. However, tomorrow, the 26th, all hell breaks loose again. It is Boxing Day.


Boxing Day started when the rich gave their servants boxes of gifts, gestures of appreciation. I consider my gift at Christmas/Boxing Day time to have good health, to be able to lead the singing of a song with chorus (mantras), to be able to go on Zoom, on the phone, delivering a class on Krishna Consciousness and to go for a walk.


Our programs have somewhat canceled out due to the newly arrived virus O M _ _ _ _ _. Today’s gig was with a group in Barrie, Ontario, and the topic was once again, “In the Boxing Ring with Maya.” When I saw that the recipients on this call were aged seven to fourteen for the most part, I quickly had to shift gears, to make my presentation more child friendly. While speaking, I kept scrolling to see if those young ones in the frames were staying focused. I believe they were and their parents as well.


Christmas, after all, has become a magical time for kids. When opportunities arise like this, when I have a chance to say something of truth, I can easily catch myself telling these young folks that St. Nicolas is real and Santa is not. Also, Jesus is more important than Rudolph. Parents don’t seem to mind. I’m a monk and I like to bring out the funk in life.


For walking, Nimai and I hit the streets, first in rain, and covered a blessed five kilometers.


May the Source be with you!

5 km (or 3 mi)




Friday, December 24, 2021



Christmas Eve


I’ve been telling people that I’m going to catch Santa’s sleigh with his reindeer after his last chimney delivery. Well, timing-wise it couldn’t have been closer. It’s Christmas eve and I flew on a five-hour flight towards the east and not the North Pole.


I left Vancouver with good feelings. The community there treated me well. There’s still lots of work to be done in terms of developing cohesion. On the good side, there are a lot of good devotees doing lots of good devotional tasks, exceeding those of Santa. The restriction on gathering is hurting, like in all communities around the world. For instance, I’m coming back home to Toronto and I’ll be on some kind of self-quarantine, just to be on the safe side. No, I didn’t come in contact with anyone. Just being cautious.


I deplaned in the evening and was picked up by Nimai Nitai. Some message came that I’m to be on Zoom for a Gita class. Oops! Missed that one. Looks like I’m up for giving an apology. I’ll also have to get back to a sweet couple who left me a gift to carry back from Vancouver. I just didn’t have room or the extra space in my luggage. Another apology!


This time of year our spirits are supposed to be up. Even the Gita states that margasirsha (Nov. – Dec.) is a good time.


Here’s my small take on the first stanza of Gershwin’s “Summertime,” only I’ll call it “Wintertime.”


Wintertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy

Snow is fallin’ and virus counts are high

Oh! God is rich and His consorts good lookin’

So hush little baby, don’t you cry


May the Source be with you!

Hare Krishmas!



Thursday, December 23, 2021

Burnaby, British Columbia


Of Geese and Men


Some geese just do not fly south for the winter. Here, at least, some prefer to stay. As long as green grasses linger and temperatures remain mild enough, they just might stick around.


Karan and Sukshi are a marvelous couple, who more recently sprung upon consciousness of Krishna, and they joined me on my walk along Willard Ave., by the Asian farms. A flock of geese decided to munch away next to our walking street. I suppose the geese do contribute their dung to the farmer’s field by way of fertilizing. In any event, these birds, so popularly seen on land and in the sky, were right there absorbed. Meditation was not their preoccupation and likely won’t be.


The couple I’m with, walking companions, were showing their sweet and sincere spiritual side. I asked, “What is your goal in life?” In jovial tone they replied, “We’re happy being with the Maharaja (me).”


Well, that was simplistic. I was hoping for going a little deeper. It is what it is. They are happy campers – walkers.


I also had the fortune to walk through select pages from the Gita, about Arjuna’s compassion for humankind. He said he believed deeply in the Lord, but for the sake of others stated, “Please reveal your Universal Form.” And so, Krishna did let loose, manifesting something beyond imagination.


My last supper here in Burnaby was also beyond imagination.


May the Source be with you!

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