Thursday, 30 April 2020

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Annex, Toronto

You’re Doing It

As I expressed before, I do walk with a slight limp and I blame it on myself for not correcting it sufficiently.  How did it get there in the first place?  I believe the culprit is the terrible tilt (TT) to the road.  The road’s shoulder, where I have spent thousands of kilometres and miles walking, is on a slant and my skeleton has got quite programmed to accommodate this dynamic.  I must make a more concerted effort to recondition to an even and balanced movement.

Fortunately I can do it.  Aisvarya, 24, was with me on today’s trek through the Annex.  This is a terrain that is relatively flat and so are the sidewalks.  “You’re doing it, Maharaj,” said my reassuring companion.  It is simply a project to take seriously and to work on it until it gets normalized.

Knees are also a concern.  These knee joints are slowly weakening.  I take regular doses of glucosamine and pour a modest amount of flaxseed oil on my prasadam, blessed food, especially the veggies to help counteract the speed of wear-down.  In the night I apply mustard seed oil onto the knees.  It’s a miraculous pain reliever merely by its heating power for the areas of arthritis.

The mechanics of our body are allowing us to do so many tasks and it is necessary to put maintenance in as a priority.  Sastra, wisdom, informs us that this human form of life is the boat that gets you over the ocean of material existence.  It is difficult to execute bhakti when one is suffering.  On the other hand suffering is often the catalyst that enhances our spirituality.

May the Source be with you!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

Queen’s Park, Ontario


I was navigating my way through the fairly unknown pathways of the grounds at University of Toronto – the nooks and crannies, you might say.  In my exploration with the sun strong enough to cast shadows I could see from the end of one narrow alleyway a shadowing figure of a human shape, bent over.  “A homeless person,” I concluded, but as I reached the alley’s end I found a middle-aged, middle-class woman smelling the flowers.

“Hello!” said I or she.  I wasn’t sure who began the conversation first yet we got onto talking all about the smell of the bright daffodils.  “I didn’t know they had a sent,” I admitted to the woman who was really poking around at nature, a laudable thing to do.  We started walking, distancing ourselves adequately.  She led me to a small growth of violets.  Neat.  You never know what you’re going to find in a nook-hood.

I came upon the space of what they call Queen’s Park, where the provinces legislature takes place—a handsome building, really.  I sat there, looked at it square off and was surprised to see that the edifice isn’t symmetrical in design.  You wouldn’t notice that until you took a hard look.

It seems to me that in your own neighbourhood there are always new mysteries to explore.  It’s rather fun.  On my return to the ashram I noticed Mr. Hockey (my words for a sculpture in Yorkville) has this mask over his face—a statement on safety during the creepy corona invasion.

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May the Source be with you!
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