Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Fallon, Nevada

When You See A Dragonfly

It was about two days ago that I saw my first dragonfly in some while.  Wherever you find those gorgeous helicopters, there’s likely to be mosquitos, and wherever you find those pests, you can be assured of the presence of water.

With that sneak preview of the town, Fallon, we witnessed a bike trail along a substantial sized canal.  Aha!  Water!  Flowing water!  And lots of it!  Perhaps the desert has come to an end?

It was most welcoming—the water.  The flow of traffic at Fallon was not so.  Nauseous!  Busy!  No matter how much trekking is done, where tolerance should be achieved, I would be the first to opt for a nearby, quiet, parallel avenue.,_Nevada

“Hayagriva, does your GPS tell of an alternative road?  If so, I’ll take it!”  Hayagriva is quick to find one.  I consider it a blessing.

My second, or rather first blessing for the day, was the celebration of the birth of Radha, the eternal consort of Krishna.  For this we conducted a small puja—offering—in her honour at the home of “Motel 6” owners, Jay and family.  Annaiudyangi, with two great grand-kids, came, and some members of the local Hindu community also participated in our talk and chant.

I was then whisked off to meet journalist Adam Robertson of the Lahontan Valley News for a good interview session.

At intervals of the day’s activities, I was enjoying “Chasing Rhinos with the Swami,” by Shyamasundar.  It’s a great read about the early days of Krishna Consciousness in San Francisco.  Within these next few weeks, we will approach San Francisco and make that final touchdown.  There will be lots of water there—maybe mosquitos.

May the Source be with you!

23 miles

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Sand Mountain, Nevada

A Real Chief

He had that iconic or classic look of a wise Native American Chief, in fact he is a Native American Chief—Chief Johnny Bobb, of the Shoshone tribe, his long whitish hair, pony-tailed, frames his face.  He came out of his car and offered some prayers in his language because he understood from my walking purpose that I could use help.

“Just face the sun,” he said.  So I did, and then he tossed water in various directions saying prayers—mantras.

“What does it mean?” I asked after he was finished.

“May your legs and feet be strong.  May you be protected and be successful in your forward journey ahead.”  He offered me a sage brush stick for good luck.
That was so sweet.  I shared with him the maha-mantra.  I believe we had a mutual good wish for each other.  And while I met the chief, I pondered on the whereabouts of the balance of our party—Hayagriva and Marshall.  Apparently they were at Sand Mountain, a two mile long, six hundred foot high dune.  The support van’s wheels got stuck in that sand, which explained the delay.
With the sun blasting today at 100° Fahrenheit, my umbrella is necessary.  Mystically, objects to shield that merciless sun manifest.  A group of bikers speed by.  Accidentally, one of the biker’s goggle shades came rolling down to my feet.  They’re cool, with a strap.  Further down the road, I see three sets of sun glasses that were rejected and thrown in the ditch.  Hmm!  There’s three of us!
Despite the heat I believe to be smart with the feet.  Chase the right hours and dodge the inferno.
May the Source be with you!

25 miles

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Rawhide, Nevada

If You’re Driving…

If you are driving at night in Nevada, you could run into a cow or a bull.  Yes, some of the areas are open range for beef cattle.  They have the right of way.  No problem if you’re walking.  A pedestrian is never fast enough to accidentally collide with one of those bovines.

More than one sweet person on their way to “Burning Man” stopped.  A woman parked her car at the side of the road, laid out her yoga mat and placed coconut water, sugar snap peas, trail mix and a banana onto it, leaving space for me to sit.  She was in the lotus position also on the mat.  Conveniently, she took advantage of the partial shade her hitched bicycle provided.

I told her I couldn’t sit.  “It might be hard to get up again.  I’ve been walking since New York—which is where she is from.  Promoting walking—meditative walking—is my objective.  Our lives are imbalanced…”

“Our country could use that right now,” she said of the U.S.  I inherited the goods on the mat and gave her my best thanks.

Rolin also pulled over.  “Are you developing your personal relationship with God?” I asked him, since last night, outside a bar, he had preached his point.  He’d had a few beers.  So well intentioned he was.  Now I'm facetiously getting back at him.  He took it well.

I also met Italians, two younger men driving through, who stopped to talk.  There were others who handed me much needed water.  That is saving me and also the umbrella.

I must also mention that to our great satisfaction Annaiudyangi aka Annabella, came to greet our party with her great grandchildren, Tommy and Serenity.

The only cool place for the lunch she brought—a picnic—was in a tunnel, six feet high, under the highway.  The lizards who call it home didn’t take too kindly to our presence.  “Hey bro, let’s share space, man.”

May the Source be with you!

22 miles