Sunday, 25 July 2021

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto

My Cute Little Phone


Can’t seem to live without that phone. Even though I am incapacitated, or at least physically impaired, with my new knee trying to get comfortable in a foreign leg, which is right now restricting my movement. I do most definitely depend on this device to get things done. Put aside the heartwarming calls from well-wishers to my surgery recovery, the balance of hours keeps me tied to my little black companion that fits conveniently in my usual pocket although, for now, it’s affixed to a tripod next to my bed.


One of the great heroes of our tradition, Rupa Goswami, wrote about the great utility of using whatever you have in service of the Lord and that would be considered a gesture of renunciation. Our guru, Prabhupada, spoke about the useful tool of the microphone as a way to project the message of Vedic wisdom to an audience. How handy it is to have this broadcasting device to make a point; correction: many points.


I got a call in from Winnipeg; then trying to reach New York. Ireland is probably the furthest today for reaching someone out there. I contacted Vancouver. Florida was trying to reach me twice by two different people. Then I had a Zoom call with India, DC, Texas, Philadelphia and even Toronto. My goodness. Then there’s so many places via email; to the exclusion of the moon. Global destinations galore. How easy! But in all truth, I’d rather kick out my crutches, put on a pair of shoes and hit the trail; communicating in person and in nature. The day will come!


May the Source be with you!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

Two Colours


Nanda was kind to drive me to Mount Sinai for the knee replacement. The reason for this surgery is quite obvious. To get around we need our knees. But as we were driving to the location in the fine early morning, the sun captured our attention. Apparently, this almost scarlet-red disc, looming above, carries its colour due to the multiple forest fires. Yes, the northwest of Ontario is not exactly catching up to the West Coast of smoking heat. Both are surely manifesting a changing environment.


One other thing about colour that Nanda brought up was a question; whether I’m getting the thumbs up, as shades of orange these days represent the support against our abused indigenous children. Burial graves of the innocent have been discovered in what is perceived as a fairly pure land. Lo and behold, there is a dark history — a super sad one.


I admitted to Nanda, as we were getting closer to the medical giant, that “No,” I haven’t met anyone who has related the monk colour to empathizers of beautiful native children. Not yet anyway, but for sure I’m one of those supporters. On my walks I had pleasure in mingling with First Nations people whenever I could.


So, for the knee job Dr. Bechstein had his team with what seemed like a sledgehammer/electric saw routine. After 11 hours in the hospital, I was discharged and now have some homework to do — rest and exercise. It’s my left knee getting the attention. Thanks to Dr. Pandith, Dr. Juta, Parahamsa, and a fabulous team who care.


May the Source be with you!

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Monday, July 19, 2021

University Ave., Toronto

Bhakti This Bhakti Bath


My day was split in half. The first half involved thoughts about my knees, especially the left one. Yes, a competent mechanic (surgeon really) is going to replace it. My lefty along with a partner righty have served hard. On marathon walks alone they walked a good 25,000 km at least. As one nurse described to the surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital, “for the sake of humanity.” I was touched by that. Anyway, pray and wish me well. Personally, I get many requests for prayer. Now I’m asking for your blessing.


Now, to prepare for tomorrow’s surgery I came back to the hospital for another Covid test. Just a small cotton swab goes up the nose as a sample to pick up any virus. If the hospital doesn’t call to say “positive,” then I’m good to go. Silence is golden.


My second part of the day was filled with planning service. First of all, the MANtra retreat is set for a date. Still much work ahead. What a great team we have.


I also had chats about the ashram’s renovations regarding a plumbing challenge, pictures for the wall, assembly of beds, etc. Enjoyment.


A future senior’s facility was also discussed with members of a devotee care group. Last, and a blast, was getting close to the finishing touches of the book The Saffron Road, and establishing captions for the pictures of the past. We are covering the time from 1995 to 2017. I am preoccupied in service to overall humanity. Without the moral support it’s all not possible.


May the Source be with you!

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