Saturday, 31 July 2021

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Evergreen Bricksworks, Toronto


All Good Stuff


We have such a great philosophy. I am not this body. I am spirit soul. I am here to serve. All good stuff.


When this body receives pain, the pain is eased because you tell yourself, “That is not me. It may be connected to me but it is not me.” I have to convince myself of this reality from time to time. One of those times is now. Weaning off painkillers and accepting some uneasiness. That’s the way to go through the healing of my left leg.


It was so generous of my friend, Paramahamsa, to drive me to the Brickworks; that little piece of heaven I’ve written about before. The ponds are appealing, the multiple species of trees, the goldfish, the turtles and beavers.


A young couple, just married, were getting their pictures taken by a professional photographer. It’s a common place for newlyweds. I told this couple, as we were leaving the place, with me on crutches, “You guys look good!” As in western style, the groom was in dark duds and she wore a white gown.


That’s something I didn’t do in this life — get married. It was never meant for me. I married a mission when I was 20.


“I’ll be 70 next year.” I tell the next generation, “Prepare to take over and become captain of the ship.”


Being at the brickworks gave me a change of scenery, some fresh breeze and a chance to walk with my four legs, two of which are not mine (crutches). In fact, all four are not me.


May the Source be with you!

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Friday, 30 July 2021

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto


Results Will Come


“You’re one of the top five,” said the therapist at Toronto West General Hospital.


“Meaning?” I asked.


“Of the five years I’ve looked at knee replacement patients you’re in the top five for recovery.”


Well, that certainly made me feel good. I had mentioned I’m a monk, a walking one, and I wore down my cartilage. The reaction to the marathon walks I’ve done astounded the physiotherapist, as did the Vietnamese doctor and a local assistant from Canada. Yes, I had three guys look at the leg and give me new exercises to work on.


The left leg looks improved, the normal colour has returned. Swelling has gone down. And most definitely the knee is bending much better. For such improvement you listen to what your doctor says, follow directions and be a real live patient.


Spiritual life is like that. You admit to weakness, apply the process of healing and be patient for the results. So, in devotional life you gain sadhana, practices, sangh, which means keeping positive company and apply sastra, study of scriptures. When you have these three items in your life you’re good to go, provided it is all approached with sincere feeling.


Chanting, also, is a major factor in developing the heart towards a sensitivity that Krishna can accommodate. Chanting is a calling out for attention and love. It’s what we always need.


May the Source be with you!

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Monday, July 26, 2021

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto


Moments of Liberation


The items of bhakti that I’m missing these days leave me in a mood of separation. Although healing, my replaced knee is still restricting my movements. Tomorrow I get the chance to feel a quaint notion of liberation by going down the stairs, with crutches, of course, for a trip to the Toronto West General for Physio. I did manage to make my way along the balcony, which opens up to the temple room. It was noon-time and I found myself sitting and leading a kirtan before the deities of Krishna.


From the elevation point the acoustics are just perfect. One level below me, one of the monks, Karuna Sindhu, was following to my lead on the harmonium. Though vastly distanced from each other, the sound came out so well. I began singing with pranam mantras to Prabhupada, our guru, then more praise to guru, then a mantra expressing five features of God and, finally, THE mantra, the great one addressing two features of the absolute as Divine She and Divine He; Radha and Krishna.


In general, I feel like I’m in a lockdown keeping the right leg raised for most of the day and at periods held down by a device for ice pack freezing, however, it is part of a healing process and I must learn my patience.


A year ago I was free as a bird and, along with another one of our priests, Ananda, we married Cameron and Katie in the forest. It is their first anniversary. We all felt free and non-restricted.


May the Source be with you!

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