Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Sunday, July 18, 2021

North York/Brampton


Day 2


I began today publicly, with a Zoom class to Mauritius on the topic of “Gossip — Me and My Big Mouth.” People find it an interesting conversation piece. The practice of gossip is subtle but very toxic. As pointed out by one of my sisters, Pauline, “It does show that people are socially interacting.” Pauline clarified that she doesn’t believe the exercise of gossip is healthy and wholesome, just that it shows a sign of life.


Pauline, by the way, attended our first session of part two of Ratha Yatra. Held at Earl Bales Park, this marvelous green space is located just around the corner of her home so her visit was convenient. I had the chance to introduce her to our crowd and reluctantly, out of shyness, said a few things on the microphone.


“This is my little sister (I believe she’s 61) and she does hair, but she has found me to be a useless client.” (Laughs). I show off my shaven head. Pauline is such a sweet person. Incidentally this festival, the Ratha Yatra, is a reflection of an actual family reunion. Yes indeed, Krishna’s actual family — Balarama, his brother, and Subhadra, his sister, take a journey to the north, to Kuruksetra, during a solar eclipse where friends and more relatives have this extraordinary reunion.


To the best of their ability organizers pulled off the event once again in a powerful devotional way.


May the Source be with you!

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