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Thursday, July 1, 2021



West End, East End


Nothing major but I was feeling a bit woozy from the vaccine I received yesterday, nevertheless I wanted to keep busy. In that regard priestly duties were put to motion. It started with a visitation to Nimai Nitai’s home. Among his family friends was someone’s birthday; Jyoti is her name. She’s a young mother. We celebrated with a cheese cake.

Now you may ask what is it with my involvement in a birthday and what does it have to do with priestly duties? Well, my role in a spiritual community may not just be centered on activities of faith and devotion. It is necessary, I find, to stay connected with the community and to address human/social needs. Birthdays are important to people. 

A second obligation came in the form of another visit to a family in the east end. Nitai Gaura, from Guyana, passed away at 80 yesterday morning. He was a peaceful and good soul. Since I can’t make it to the cremation on Sunday (I’ll be at a wedding in Montreal) I felt a deep compulsion to go and give support to the family. Karuna Sindhu kindly drove me to this household, as he did for our morning visit, so that we could chant mantras in his honour. It was sweet being with the family and friends.

Although today was Canada Day, I had fun reconnecting with people. Oh, incidentally, we have restarted our “stairway kirtans” and in our evening sessions passersby get abuzz. Tonight I got specific about how I greeted them. “Happy Canada Day!” They responded with a smile, each one of them.

May the Source be with you!



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