Thursday, 15 July 2021

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Bracebridge, Ontario


Moving About


The soccer game between Italy and England occupied many earthlings today, which doesn’t exclude our own devotees in the community. That may account for the lower-than-expected attendance at our temple and even Govinda’s restaurant. It’s quite amazing how absorbed a person can get in a game. Give that same amount of attention to your spirituality and a good result will come. To be fair, let’s follow the game, any game, but don’t forget a daily sadhana or spiritual work out.


By the way, Italy won.


As a priest of sorts, I have my other-worldly obligations such as attending to funeral observances. Ravinder Kulkarni, from our community, passed away two days ago prior; a good man who led a full life. That observance was followed by time taken with Cameron of Hamilton. I combed through the entire Gita with him. The discussions we had, over the period of a year were invaluable and our meeting at the park and temple was endearing.


Then our weekend monk adherents sat with me for a look at 8.15 from the Gita. Madhava, Gabriel, Alec and I sat in the same room while we connected with a Zoom call from our Cleveland branch — always a blessed, mixed, lively group of black, brown and white huge folks. (I hope I didn’t say anything politically incorrect).


Off I went with Ananda, two hours north to Bracebridge, for a swim, a meal and, of course, a walk. Tomorrow is special — initiations and a modified version of a Chariot Festival.


May the Source be with you!

4 km


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