Thursday, 15 July 2021

Friday, July 9, 2021

Alexander Muir Park, Toronto


The World We Want


I’ve walked by the above-mentioned park (actually it’s more like a sunken garden) several times off Yonge St. I never ventured inside. There are flowerbeds, trees of all kinds (northern breeds), perfect sod-lain sections for lawn bowling, tennis courts and then there is a grassy area perfect for kirtan. This very special place is tucked away from the world and is ideal for groups singing and dancing. That’s just what we did — a bunch of us — Russians, Indians, Canadians — whatever that means.


Unfortunately, I double booked myself. I committed to two engagements — this chanting session and delivering a Zoom class from The Gita 18.1-2. How to do two things at one time? Solution? Split the time in half. I decided to conduct the Gita discussion for 50 minutes and then 50 minutes reserved for chanting. It was a compromise that worked. I was bent on satisfying two groups of people.


My big regret about today was that I didn’t get any walking in, which is always an adventure and opportunity to meet others. For instance, I met Jack yesterday and the day before I met a woman sitting with a friend at a café/bar just up the street on Yonge. As soon as she saw me she broke out singing in front of her friends, “Jaya Ganesh. Jaya Ganesh,” for quite some time.


That’s the kind of world we want; people singing devotional songs at cafés, on the street and in the gardens.


May the Source be with you!

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