Thursday, 8 July 2021

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Montreal, Quebec

The Knot is Tied


While the US is celebrating its birthday, on this beautiful day and weekend in remote Canada — actually Montreal — the Krishna community and I are seeing to a marriage. Samuel and Nandini Radha, tied the knot as a couple at around noon today at the Pie-IX Boulevard temple.


Priest Madan-Mohan conducted the ceremony at which parents from both bride and bride-groom were seated at the corner of the kund, or tiny arena, observing rites that were colourful and new to their eyes and ears.


I gave the a with, translation assistance, about commitment, which is what I highlight at these types of events. “Marriage is an event where two imperfect people come to agree to serve each other and make the most of it.”


Samuel and Nandini took garlands around and presented them to their parents and elders of the community. Kirtan became a major feature of the program and, of course, all things culminated in eating nice prasadam and socializing. We all do wish the couple well. It appears to be a good match and I’m sure Krishna will bless.


For the first time in days the weather was without rain, all the way from Montreal to Toronto. The traffic and accidents – too numerous. What is to be expected when you have a 4-day long weekend, perfect weather, and borders are open with restrictions on COVID now somewhat relaxed?


May the Source be with you!

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