Thursday, 15 July 2021

Monday, July 12, 2021

Shanty Bay, Ontario


Water and Me


I really wish I could do this every day. I’m talking about taking a dip in the natural freshwater that the Creator has provided; an actual swim. It is so good for me as a refresher, and the bodily joints really go for it.


Yesterday I had the pleasure to do those swimming strokes at Kirby Beach, off of Lake Muskoka, and then today my driver, Ananda, was good enough to stop at a bay off Lake Simcoe. I was a new man.


If someone even so much as criticizes or has doubt about a monk indulging in sense gratification, as some fanatics would do, I would say that it’s a sin not to take advantage of all this wealth of water for wellness. My devotion is enhanced when I’m feeling physically good and water is one of those items that does it for me. It also improves my walking.


For me all things are done to perform my service to humanity better. This morning I felt the benefit of a walk and a swim so that I could be effective in my devotional endeavors. In Bracebridge, at Annie Williams Memorial Park, Ananda conducted a fire havan ceremony for new initiates. I gave names to Pintesh, who now bears the name Partha; Purvi has the name Pragna; Trupti is now Tilak and Ashvini is now Avatari.


Congratulations to these really special souls who participated in a follow up mini Ratha Yatra in the calendar collaboration of the massive event that takes place in Puri, India, this very day.


May the Source be with you!

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