Sunday, 25 April 2021

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto


Rama’s Day


Today was Rama’s day. We remember Him for his contributions to the world, being an ideal monarch or ruler; hard to find these days. He is also recognized for his being an ideal husband. It was always an unquestioned privilege that a kshatriya, who was a resourceful man, could accommodate several queens. But Rama was committed to one wife. He was firm about that, although Rama’s father served three queens.


Some controversy surrounding the incident where Sita, his loyal wife, was suddenly excused from life in Ayodhya’s palace and was sent to live in Valmiki’s monastery while she was pregnant. That has an explanation which requires some detail to explain, as outlined in The Ramayana.


I enjoyed the day, primarily because I gave two presentations; one for Toronto and one for Muskoka. I had some technical difficulties during the Toronto Zoom. I don’t know why this happens in my own home.


I also encountered a hurdle in going for a walk today. I’m told that if you walk at a park and sit at a bench that you can get fined. Although that ridiculous stipulation has been lifted, I failed to understand that it’s a sin to go out for some fresh air. Restrictions in Ontario are tough and I can understand the need for discipline, but please? Rama, help!


One person whom I spoke to today said clearly, “I’m not going to listen to the news. It’s too depressing.”


I can understand the frustration. Government, please give people some hope, some brightness to the day. Rama, please help! Government, media, offer the public some help! But no, you won’t encourage spirituality, not in 1 million years.


May the Source be with you!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto 




Tomorrow is the birthday of Rama and, as told in The Ramayana by Krishna Dharma, we have the following excerpt:


Daśaratha, his desire fulfilled, dwelt happily in Ayodhya awaiting the birth of his sons. The Brahmins and kings who had assembled for the sacrifice left for their various abodes, sent on their way with kind words and gifts by the emperor. Four seasons passed. Then, at a time when favorable stars were visible in the heavens, Kaushalya gave birth to a son named Rāma.


Though Rāma was the Lord of creation, Kaushalya saw Him simply as her own dear child. She held Him tight to her bosom, overwhelmed with motherly affection and unable to recognize His divinity. Coming out of the delivery room, Kaushalya shone brilliantly with that baby boy, who had eyes like lotus petals.


Next, a son named Bharat was born from Kaikeyi; and from Sumitra, who had received two portions of ambrosia, were born twin sons, Lakṣhman and Shatrugna. All three boys resembled celestials and they seemed to blaze with their splendor.


Of all the brothers Rāma was especially glorious. His attractive body had the hue of a celestial emerald. Dressed in the finest silk and adorned with golden ornaments, he captured the mind of all who saw him. Rāma was devoted to his father’s service.


May the Source be with you! May Rama bless you!


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Monday, April 19, 2021

Around the Block, Toronto


Out Back


Whenever there is an event around the corner, I feel compelled to clean up the place. With the dawn of Ramanavami that urge was strong. David and I took to some cleaning up in the back of the building. Of course, this is a space that the public can’t see, so the mind argues, why bother?


Retort: “But Krishna can see! Secondly, since we live on the premises we can also see. The question is how long do you bear the clutter and debris which attracts more of the same?”


Genuine service is in the sincere effort to make good. So, David and I went at some spring cleaning involving raking leaves, paper and plastic pick-up, discovering garden tools and placing them in their respective places, leveling some soil, re-piling wood and hosing the parking lot.


It was fun. It’s a rewarding feeling when all is put in order.


We did this for you, Ram and not to mention our guru, Srila Prabhupada, who always encouraged neatness. Those are our motivations.


You all know how it works; just when one task is settled and done then a new catastrophe is on the horizon. This is the material world, after all. Rogers, the telephone company that services many a phone, including mine, collapsed for the moment. Before and after the cleanup I just couldn’t get my communications to work. It got solved eventually.


Jaya Ram!


May the Source be with you!

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