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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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To Get a Call


It’s nice to get a call, like the following, once in a while (it’s paraphrased).


“Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Jorge. I live up north, have a family, work at a factory. Right now, as we’re talking, I am walking my two dogs on a forest trail that I frequent almost every day. I have a mother who is a devout Christian and, as I grew up, I would accompany her to services; so I appreciate the tradition very much.


“It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the Bhagavad-Gita. I’m reading it and I love it. I’m also doing some chanting, which gives me peace.


“I’m calling because I realize I need direction and explanation. I’d like to move forward in my spiritual life. My wife is agnostic and my kids are addicted to video games, so I’m a bit on my own with the spiritual journey.”


From that detailed introduction a friend was made and we agreed to set up a time for regular weekly Gita study sessions. From my perspective that is what I am set up for in my life — to give encouragement to people based on the ethics of the Gita; the Song of God.


Today is a day where, just around the corner, Easter weekend takes place. It is a time when 2.5 billion people on the planet may reflect on the teachings of spirituality in the form of Christianity. However, it’s really a time when all people of the earth can dig deep into their spiritual life, regardless of who they call their savior.


May the Source be with you!

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