Sunday, 4 April 2021

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto


Gaura Hari


Not the best weather for walking. It’s rather damp. The rain came periodically. Drizzle. Regardless, I’m not getting a piece of that action. I’m inside but I can view it so well. The trees are happy, I’m sure. The wind guides them in yoga stretches. Yes, they are definitely budding artists.


Inside our temple (I’m in a corner of the building) there is much joy because of the day that is today. It’s a fast day to honour everyone’s favourite monk, Sri Chaitanya. While I’m restricted from participating in chanting sessions and giving classes in person, due to my quarantine, I am Zooming it. Today was Winnipeg and Toronto. Yesterday was Montreal. The theme for these talks deals with the revolution of consciousness. It is a kind of purging that one can experience on this day in particular. The revolution was inaugurated by Chaitanya.


My heart melted several times when our monk residents took to the harmonium, drum and tambourine. Not everyone knows the single hand cymbal’s beat yet. One of the monka, Dharmaprana, suffered from a stroke in the 80’s and can’t sing most songs. But he certainly brings with him an enthusiasm to the floor. All in the spirit of Chaitanya.


At this time of year Vaishnava yogis often sing, “Gaura, Gaura, Gaura Hari.” “Gaura” refers to the Golden One (Chaitanya), and “Hari” refers to God, literally meaning, “He who takes away all inauspicious obstacles on the path.”


May the Source be with you!

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