Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

Room at 243, Toronto


I’m Covid+ But Positive


The results came back from the University Health Network (UHN), a collaboration of one’s health records, and I’ve tested COVID-19 positive. Therefore, another 10-day quarantine is required for me. This is a minor austerity. I’m confined to quarters consisting of three rooms, including a bathroom, bedroom and a meeting/living room facility. I look outside a fair size arched window and can see the neighborhood as I slightly envy those who can walk about, literally. The whole province is on a lockdown anyway, so I’m not the only one. A real plus is that I’m in the place of our guru.


I have my various medicines, including ayurvedic pills. I’m doing whatever I can to build immunity. My regimen also involves some yoga stretches.


The one thing that really lifted my spirits today was to read from the Chaitanya Bhagavat on the glories of Haridas; a former Muslim who converted to Vaishnava mantra meditation.


To top that reading was a virtual class with a Peruvian group on the topic of “Spiritual Activism on the Trails.” Indeed, this presentation, which was translated, enthused my day as I went down memory lane on the road and I felt, in the delivery of my words, that I was actually there. It was a perceptible experience, recalling the encounters on the road with shared travelers in the wildlife. Such encounters were there as non-accidental incidents.


May the source be with you!

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