Thursday, 28 April 2022

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

243 Ave. Rd., Toronto


I was exceedingly happy to receive this message from Dhruva Prabhu, our team player for the short film production, “The Embassy.”

“Hare Krishna Maharaj, The Embassy was selected, at the Black Panther International Film Festival, for further consideration as BEST DRAMA SHORTS and BEST INDIE SHORTS… let’s see where this goes now.” Included was an attached document from the Film Fest, congratulating us.

That was a terrific piece of news. Let us see where it goes, indeed. It was the pandemic that forced me to transition from our community theatre to film. The result was less actors, professional input, great state-of-the-art cameras, original music and great acting. Paradigm shift. It was worth it. The experience gained was precious. I can’t wait ’til the film is aired before the public.

Other items that illuminated my day were as follows:

a) A person called and asked for advice about becoming a monk. I asked, “Do you have kids?” The answer was “yes, with the youngest being 4.” “You are not ready, sir! Look after your family.” (I liked sharing a no-brainer like this).

By the way, today was a no-grainer. Every two weeks our community observes ekadasi or fasting from grains. Truly, lighter food is the way to go.

c) A younger man (younger than me) came to visit after hearing his father is under intensive care. He was quite teary-eyed. Through talking he was cheered up.

d) I made some phone calls; recruiting chanters for Saturday’s “Chant for Peace” over the Ukraine crisis. It looks like we’ll have a nice turn-out for between 2 to 4 pm in front of Old City Hall.

Luminations come.

May the Source be with you!


Monday, April 25, 2022

Ramsden Park, Toronto

Two nice Guys

My physio for today entailed a few exercises, and one of them was a simple walk to the park. Gabriel and I made it to a bench to sit for a reading of the Bhagavatam; a repeat from the other day. Only today, it appeared someone was watching me from a distance and wanted to connect. The park happened to be overrun by him and his cohorts. Anyway, I was keen to see just why he was coming forth in the most modest way.

Just to break the mystery surrounding this fellow, I’ll tell you he was a bold squirrel. He came near us with bushy tail up. Then he squatted and extended his paws. I extended my hand and he reciprocated with his right one and set it right in mine. It was kind of a high-five, if not an attempted handshake. Gabriel had to capture this with his camera. It was so cute.

That was one person we met, before he scurried off. The next individual was a neighbour from four blocks away.

“What religion?” he asked.

“Hare Krishna!”

“Were you born into this?” he continued.

“My parents brought me up Roman Catholic, but Jesus is still in the picture. Krishna takes greater influence. We also accept Buddha as one of our avatars. But Krishna is the dominant one.”

Gabriel held up a picture of Krishna from his Bhagavatam book. “Here is what He looks like.”

“Oh yeah!” remarked the man, who hails from the U.K., but is now living in Canada. We didn’t shake hands, like the squirrel, but did farewell one-another, hoping to communicate more in the future.

May the Source be with you!


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Brampton, Ontario

Incidents of Today

I ended up happily giving four classes today. Happily, because delivering some words from the Krishna perspective gets my mind off the pain in my knee.

The first class was in person, in the place where I live, a temple. The second one I gave over Zoom to a group in Halifax. The third was also a physical presence, in Brampton. It was a fun Q and A. At this venue, the ISKCON Centre, I was accompanied by Mahadeva, Annapurna, and Vallabh Hari. We call ourselves the four Kumaras. We are a team and enjoy doing programs together. Mahadeva and Annapurna, known professionally, musically, as “Mahapurna,” just do magic with their music. Vallabh is a great host and coordinated the Q and A. We just complement each other. Also, our skin colour ranges from white to brown to black. A great mix.

The questions centred around going towards the internalization of our faith. How do you get beyond dogma and dry routine in our religious and daily duties? How to get more to heart-motivation?

Finally, my last class for the day was back in Toronto, over Zoom. The topic was “Who is Crazy?” Let’s face it, we are all more or less off track and that’s why we are here in the material world. I applaud those who come on board.

It was now 7 pm and I had that urge to take in the last of the day’s sun rays. So, off to the park I went. The last significant image, that made the sound of spring so defined, was a bright cardinal perched on a house’s rooftop. He was singing away like there was no tomorrow.

May the Source be with you!


Saturday, April 23, 2022

Scarborough, Toronto

Honouring a Deceased Man

Chandan and his family bought a new house and so, tradition has it that you invite your community

priest to bless the place. Lovely kirtan, talk and food were had.

What I want to highlight is the First Anniversary of the passing of monk, Pankajanghri. Here is my poem:


He was a fellow, perceptibly mellow

He arrived with his brother to follow

At the beckon call of Mahaprabhu

In a land of mist and morning dew

From there on, it was all over

Worldliness gone/personal makeover

A dedication to good deed and thought

Attention to all His Divine Grace brought

He learned, he grew, and did so glow

Teaching others what he did know

On the subjects of worship and wisdom

In an atmosphere of devotional rhythm

Like the Ganges with her endless liquidity

His service was one of constant fluidity

He stood at the feet of Lion Sublime

Both shone each day at the regular time

I don’t recall him ever in a rage

That’s because he was a genuine sage

He was an anchor for half a century

Within which his bhakti grew exponentially

A role model, our dear Pankajanghri

Powerfully at peace wherever he be


May the Source be with you!