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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Brampton, Ontario

A powerful Virtue

I am improving day by day in the right knee area. I can’t wait to walk without assistance of crutch or cane. That is already achieved, basically, but walking to me means mileage. The day will come when I can put in a modest four or five kilometres. Only patience is required.

Gandhi said once if you lose patience, you lose the battle.

Patience is that special virtue. When applied, a healing takes place in the case of illness. When applied, your pay check will come, but you work first. And, in the case of a couple wanting a baby, patience spells out nine moths of waiting.

Today I visited my dentist and, in order for my teeth cleaning to take place, I was asked at the clinic to take a seat. I simply had to wait my turn. The assistant and I had a look at photos of a chipped tooth. Well, the dental clinic wasn’t prepared to fix the problem right then and there. A second appointment needed to be booked for the tooth repair.

Like anyone else I would like to have a pronto repair job done, but the world doesn’t work that way. It calls once again for patience. A pedestrian is patient to reach the destination.

As a neophyte monk who had just joined in ’73, I was under the impression that I would be self-realized in a few months. After a few months expired, things were the same, or let’s say a gradual momentum was building up. Things take time. Krishna says, “I am time.”

May the source be with you!


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