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Monday, May 9, 2022

Ramsden Park, Toronto

Recognizing Someone’s Passing

Jagadisvara was a member of our Krishna community living in Florida. He passed away last Tuesday, May 3rd. Originally from Texas, he spent some time in ISKCON branches at New Vrndavana, West Virginia, as well as Toronto. In fact, his son, Vrndavana, resides just a block away from our temple on Avenue Road.

A very kind Madhurya Lila hosted a memorial over Zoom this night. Vrndavana came and sat down next to me as both of us participated in remembrances of Jagadisvara, who worked well with his hands. Yes, he was tall in size, had these big hands and used them well in building projects as his way of serving Krishna.

Naturally his son, Vrndavana, was teary-eyed during this session, which is an appropriate thing to do in honouring someone who contributed to the mission. You can call him one of the pioneers from the ’70s.

To cap off this memorial service our temple in Toronto took the opportunity to hold kirtan; our first one outside of the building. As was done last year, each evening we would sit on the entrance steps and share sacred sound with pedestrians and neighbours (softly). The chanting was dedicated to Jagadisvara, of course.

There is one principle that is well upheld in our Vaishnava culture. Despite a person’s shortcomings (something we all have), we are obliged to highlight all strong devotional traits in an individual. The strength in a person is in the love they demonstrate.

May the source be with you!

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