Thursday, 13 May 2021

Monday, May 10, 2021

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto


Happy Birthday!


Dharma Prana turned 72 today. Yes, the happy-go-lucky guy, who is actually a monk, had his birthday and we celebrated it in style – that is, in simplicity. Our cook put together a cheesecake, moderately sweetened, and presented it to Dharma in our modest eating space, the boiler room. Yes, renovations are underway and have been for a while with all the Covid hiccups happening.


Dharma is just the kind of person that everyone should be, a person who has a love for life. The fact that bhakti has been slapped onto his life, a choice of his own back in 1974, has made everything doubly joyful. He’s just great to have around. Everyone likes him, whether congregants or resident monks.


I spoke to his daughter, a mother of two kids, whose arranging for her dad’s vaccine. Yes, he’s going for it. Not everyone agrees with that course, but it’s his to take and this is definitely one way to respond to the aggressive virus that has come to humble us all. Incidentally major fundraisers are going on to ease the onslaught in current day India. Her red flag has been raised on the pandemic dynamic. Many of our community members have relatives or friends in India who have had their lives taken.


Condolences to you all!


In the midst of this globally ugly scenario of the pandemic, some light spots do spring up, like Dharma’s birthday. Happy birthday, buddy!


May the Source be with you!

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