Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto


Subtle Work Out


We are keeping it up. Every day Dharma Prana and I attend the noon services, called Bhoga Arati where I play the mrdunga drum and sing in a type of serenade to entertain the deities of Krishna on the balcony or altar.


My beating that drum becomes a kind of needed work-out. Also, for the Tuesday night garbage pick up, the trash must be ready for bringing out to the street. To prepare for that I saw the opportunity to crush the accumulation of cardboard boxes. Our produce arrives in those boxes which supply our veggies, fruit and flowers and so a breakdown of these containers is necessary. Some of these boxes are tough to disassemble but I take it as exercise.


After the noon arati I had my lunch, which was as delicious as usual, and, as I was completing this great exercise of the jaws, Sri Kant, who serves customers in our Govinda’s Restaurant, came in a panic. “Suddenly a slew of people came and I’m running out of chapatis and subji (veg prep).” So I volunteered to make more chapatis, which I love to make, with ingredients of whole wheat flour (as opposed to the finer but less tasty atta flour). This was an opportunity for more work out. The assembly of the dough kneading into an elastic ball is what that is about. It’s fun turning out those circular patties. They were puffing up over the flame readily well. A small amount of olive oil to each to patty keeps it fresh and moist. People liked my chapatis. I felt fulfilled.


May the Source be with you!

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