Monday, 31 May 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ramsden Park, Toronto


BhaktiArts Hub S.O.S.


It was our fourth time together. You may have heard of Vande Arts, an arts initiative driven to create a camaraderie among bhakti artists. Well, you might say that this next reincarnation of that direction is called BhaktiArt Hub S.O.S. Shaping Our Soul is a piece of our vision statement.


Through Zoom our group of a few, for starters, is comprised of Gaura Vani, the bhajan singer, a sweet couple from San Antonio, Texas by the names Bhagavan Narada and Naradi, Govinda Gopal from Jersey City, Pariksit from Vrindavan/Toronto and myself. It’s a nice team representing North America for the time being. We are wishing and praying for success.


Our crew firmly believes that culture changes through the medium of the arts. If the thrust is bhakti or devotional promotion, then love can prevail. All the current members have proven to produce or facilitate artistic expressions in the field of divine arts. It is an exciting initiative and, I’m sure, one that our guru, Prabhupada, would be pleased with. Whether through music, dance, drama, film, fine art or graphic art, all have a significant role to play in adjusting the consciousness of a needing world.


I’m glad to be involved.


Our push at the temple towards fundraising for Mayapura and Bangladesh is not over. My assistant, Sarthak, filmed myself for an appeal to help in matters of supplying food and medicine to those in need. I ended the day at the park chanting my gayatri mantras.


May the Source be with you!

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