Thursday, 7 July 2022

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rosedale, Toronto

Mostly Joy

Whenever I get the insomnia attack, I will clutch onto my japa meditation beads for calming a restless mind. I know at that time that God is with me in the form of sound and that I’m not alone. Is it a true consolation?

It had been a full day with meetings, but only for two hours, collectively. One issue or topic of discussion was quite bitter and, out of a sense of duty, one obliges to go through the unpleasantry of it. Hard decisions must be made.

One of those meetings, an AGM, for one of our centres brought about good news. A good report. In addition to the bittersweetness of what must be done, so far as decision-making is concerned, I switched to a new phone (a reason to smile) because there is always improvement with each successive new device.

Another highlight was a chance to read to our young members of the Bhakti Academy. I was reading to them about our guru’s failing business when he was in his household years. All was going good and then a turn was inevitable, in terms of course of action. Our guru, Prabhupada, was seeing the signs on the wall. It was time for him to take steps towards the life of a monk. Reading some paragraphs of the pages of the book, “Lilamrita,” can get the reader to a touch of emotionalism.

My insomnia did also trigger the need to get active. “Go for a walk,” tells the inner voice. “And, when you come back, clean the wooden floor with water and wood soap.” That is always a task of joy. At this time my knees don’t comfortably press against the floor. Rolling on my thighs does the job. I thought, “This is the room that Prabhupada lived in forty-five years ago. It’s a pleasure to give it a cleaning.”

May the Source be with you!

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