Thursday, 7 July 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Yorkville, Toronto

The Eve Before the Birthday

I’m starting to get serious about doing community theatre again. It involves engaging youth in thematic productions based on Vedic stories. Currently, I am preparing a half-hour piece, a throw-back from twenty years ago. It’s called, simply, “Demon,” and it actually centers on a story of child abuse – the story of Prahlad. Our troupe, the Bhakti Academy, have begun practices and are working relatively close and without masks, having fun and learning.

This evening I also tagged along with the group for public kirtan at nearby Ramsden Park. You might as well call the mound we sat upon “Govardhan Hill.” The mound has spiritual significance based on the fact that we are doing something holy there. Pedestrians who stroll by join us. At least a trickle, which is significant enough. Our group is attractive. We sat in a circle and were a cross between a pow-wow and a kumbaya meet.

After this beautiful session of drum, guitar, and voices, I decided it’s time for an evening walk. Afterall, it was the eve of Canada’s birthday. Yorkville is generally a swanky night place but what was different today was the rock band concert at the hub of this urban village.

I walked by near the band, which is a magnet of togetherness – starved creatures at post pandemic. The music did rock, but in all honesty I’m too old for that stuff. It’s a bit too much “mumbo jumbo” for me. Some people might say, “Hey monk, you’re not so cool with that attitude.” Others might say, “Hey man, you’re actually growing up.”

May the Source be with you!

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