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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Christie Pits, Toronto

Karma Came Up

“Better to suffer than to protest,” is rather a mind-blowing remark when taken out of context. In the Gita, 12.13-14, an insightful purport had us probing into the nature of karma with these above-mentioned, profound words. At this morning’s class, I shared these words expressing the token of pain that a spiritual practitioner encounters against the massive load that one deserves to face on a normal basis.

Our group of monks and a few visitors sat with rapt attention at the exploration of the laws of action and reaction. One expression by our dear Prabhupada came when he taught that we should never curse the agent of karma or, as the saying goes, to never hold blame to the messenger by killing him. In general terms, each and every one of us are to blame for our own inappropriate actions and we should, if anything, be kind to the delivery boy. He/she is not responsible. We are.

By evening, I hankered for a time for more contemplation on receiving what we deserve. It was at that moment, on Bloor St, near the new development where Honest Ed’s Warehouse had stood for decades, that a young fellow approached me. “I saw you on the other side of Bloor. I thought to come over. Can you answer some questions?”

Naturally I said, “sure,” and we walked for blocks and blocks speaking of karma, ego, atma, etc. His name was Zerus, and was born in Burma. Our end conclusion for the night is we all have to work at getting clear, demolishing vices, and getting in good with God.

May the Source be with you!

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