Thursday, 21 July 2022

Friday, July 15, 2022

Centre Island, Toronto

Chain of Joy

“Now, let’s go for sharp, clean and crisp moves,” I said, directing the actors during our rehearsal. We had secured the unique location, a park, a fifteen-minute walk from the ashram, for the practice. I’m dealing with young volunteers learning the art of becoming audience friendly. The Chariot Festival, where the drama and so many things will be happening, is to be featured on Centre Island, where an approximate thirty to forty thousand people will come. That figure is based on pre-pandemic times, which was not so long ago. So, audience and crowds are the thing.

This morning was also the kick-start for a 12 Hour Kirtan. I have the honour to begin the chanting session. With a good amount of people sitting around, I felt a great support. The kirtan was strong throughout as leaders took turns. This is most encouraging, especially when you see the participation of all the young crowd.

When you are young you get enticed very easily. The party mode is very strong. You have so many options. It is just great knowing there’s an alternative – kirtan – which entails dance, song, music, food, and looking spiffy all for the pleasure of Krishna, or, in this case, Jagannath (which translates to Lord of the Universe).

I’m the lucky party animal. Last weekend was Montreal. This weekend is Toronto. Following that is Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton.

It is a chain of joy.

May the Source be with you!


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