Thursday, 7 July 2022

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Saranagati, British Columbia

Back to the Valley

Vallabha Hari flew in, as did I, to attend the “Sage the Planet” event, in the role of master of ceremonies. He arrived last night from Toronto, but this morning an idea came to his head of tagging along with the Walking Monk on a five-hour drive from Vancouver to destination spot Saranagati. Vallabha heard about this unique bhakti village, with a population of 75, in the quaint atmosphere of the mountainous boreal forest.

“Sure, come along,” I said.

Lilananda, maintenance man from ISKCON Burnaby, became our driver. Along the way, I noticed many physical changes since the last time I came through, which was either by foot or by wheels. Although scenic, much of the area was ravaged by forest fires and last fall’s floodings. In Abbotsford, there are dynamic remains of landslides. One town, Lytton, burnt right down to the ground. And from my last walk on Highway One, I could see that some businesses went into decline, with motels, restaurants and fruit stands overtaken by the natural world, such as trees and grasses, obscuring human endeavour.

When our party arrived at Venables Valley, I saw a space of rich green like never before. Rain had been pouring quite consistently. The afternoon and evening at Radha Krishna and Damodar’s were a reunion with all the devotees. So much love. After two and a half years we walked together, chanted, hugged, ate, and did some poetry reading. I’m sure Vallabha Hari had no regrets about coming.

 May the Source be with you!

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