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Sunday, June 19, 2022


The Book Was Flying

The flight from Winnipeg on Air Canada was early, at 5:35 a.m. Usually at such an hour you can bet that passengers on a full flight like this will be fast asleep. Such was the case for all, except the pilot and flight attendants. I sat at the emergency exit seat, struggling to stay awake to fit in some japa meditation. It was hard. Fortunately, we are looking at a mere two-hour flight.

Nanda Maharaja Das picked me up in Toronto and zoomed me over to our Brampton ISKCON Centre.

“Happy Father’s Day!” was the greeting by young Jagadish, acting as Master of Ceremonies. As today’s speaker, I also opened up with the remark deserving of responsible daddies. I quoted from 14.4 of the Gita, wherein Krishna establishes His role in the seed-giving process. As I progressed in the talk, I slid into the promotion of the book, “The Saffron Path.” A book launch is what it’s called. I opened to Chapter 31 entitled, “To Dad With Love,” and read my poem to my father. It was hard to read it out loud from the emotional point.

After an ecstatic kirtan, where many dance up a storm, I went for the book signing. People were lined up for the occasion. The same transpired in Oakville with the community there. It was just amazing. I read the same poem.

Finally, Kasyapa Muni drove me home, to Toronto on Avenue Road. I plopped myself on a chair and pulled out the book after the program was over, still the interest in pedestrian pastimes persisted.

May the Source be with you!

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