Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia

Down on Marine Drive

By evening I was able to reflect on the day’s affairs as I strolled down on Marine Drive. It was past the sun’s setting. The air was cool; good for contemplation. I’ll add that overall, it is the coolest spring (and now the dawn of summer) that I’ve ever experienced.

A five-hour flight from Toronto and a three-hour time-zone change threw the biological clock a slight bit off course. I settled down in a room by the ISKCON facility, visited Govinda’s Restaurant for physical and spiritual nourishment, followed by a cat nap and then off to Devender’s. He has this quiet townhome in east Surrey where his family and I engaged in kirtan.

Three kids, two girls and a young son, Saket (2), are all adorable. We chanted and I listened. Devender asked what my thoughts were on whether he should go back with his family to India. “My parents are there. Here in the west, it is so materialistic.” He wanted my opinion. And to add – his folks are coming for a visit soon.

I suggested that he make his own decision, but that it would be nice if he got “fixed up,” as we say, here in Canada in his Krishna Consciousness, and share it with neighbours, friends, and fellow Vancouverites. That would gain, for him, some mercy from Krishna and our guru Prabhupada.

He appreciated the recommendation, which I was happy to hear.

May the Source be with you!

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