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Friday, June 24, 2022

Burnaby, British Columbia

Sage the Earth

Congratulations to Bhakta Michael who accepted diksha initiation. What a fine person he is! A gourmet chef and caterer, he is also a good devotee. His Sanskrit name now is Mukunda Madhava.

Offering initiation to Mukunda Madhava is one of my reasons for coming to Vancouver. I’m also here to participate in an event called “Sage the Earth.” I just finished a poem on the topic.


Sage the Earth


She goes by the Vedic name Bhumi

And is worshipped by many a sage and muni

Sometimes she’s described as a sacred cow or calf

A sentient being who can sob and laugh


We are speaking of none other than this planet, the giver

Our sustainer, our mother, and deliverer

She favours a massage with our walking on her surface

Her glories are told in folklore verses


Indeed, Mother Earth is loved but she has been ravaged

We act upon her as though we are savage

But she is tender and very fragile

Deserving attention and a break from the hostile


It is sensitivity that we must awaken

To the spill of the rubbish, she has taken

We must own up to our deviation

And, hence, offer our practical protection


May the Source be with you!


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