Thursday, 7 July 2022

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Brampton, Ontario

Signing and Shining

Not but a few days ago I signed papers for registering ISKCON Saranagati with the property in Venables Valley, British Columbia. Today I signed papers for our newest project, ISKCON Milton. Also, I noticed when I returned form the airport, our downtown centre at 243 Avenue Road has got a new paint job. The work on all window and door frames is still in progress. It looks spiffy, classy, handsome.

Anyway, all the above achievements indicate we are growing and improving, yet much work still needs to be done. Regardless, it’s encouraging.

A second trip to the western part of the Greater Toronto Area was at the house of Rajasuya and Surabhi. Their oldest son, Rishab, is getting married to Juhi this September. My visit to their home was a visit of encouragement. We had a great meal with asparagus on the menu. For me that is a measure of success.

It was great teaming the Brampton visitors at Rajasuya’s house with the Tuesday night Gita Chat group from a place called Owen Sound. We have begun our discussion on Chapter Three of the Gita, entitled “Karma Yoga.” The interesting feature of today’s discussion was centered around war versus non-war. Some people conclude that intelligence is synonymous to being quiet, even inert. The argument arises around defending one’s people and property and dharma lifestyle. If a righteous culture is threatened by adharma, selfish motives and operations, then weapons may need to come out of storage.

May the Source be with you!


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