Thursday, 7 July 2022

Friday, July 1, 2022

Ottawa, Ontario

Chanting at the Capital

Happy Birthday Canada!

It’s an annual trip I make to the capital city of this country – a country of pluses and minuses. Canada is a place where we can exercise our practice of higher consciousness. While leading kirtan, my Godbrother from Montreal, Laksminath, used his time on the microphone to express that, “We have the freedom to express outwardly our appreciation for the Creator.”

Both Laksminath and others (including myself) took the lead on the kirtan at our usual location by the Rideau Canal, a mere two-minute walk from Parliament Hill. It is a walkthrough space so some participants enjoying the whole birthday blast got a little frustrated, but for the most part folks were exceedingly happy for what they saw and heard.

Vallabha Hari moved through the crowd that was watching the crowd that was dancing and chanting. Sometimes, the two crowds merged. Some questions lodged and statements directed towards Vallabha Hari were:

“We believe in Buddha, but this is so nice!”

“What is the meaning of this mantra? Is it from India?”

“These books are great. I like this one ‘Easy Journey to Other Planets.’”

Vallabha explained that “The Hare Krishna mantra is universal. This is non-sectarian. It is for everyone, as you can see.”

A sudarji, a Black woman, an Italian woman, Hindus, Christians, yogis, Muslims – all were enwrapped in the joy of a national birthday party at the site of the chanting group.

May the Source be with you!

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