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Thursday, July 21, 2022

White City, Saskatchewan

Neat Exchanges

I was sitting next to Gil on the Air Canada flight to Regina. He explained that he and his buddies from Hamilton are off to a Metis fest to play their music. “It’s rock, Creedence Clearwater Revival music. We go all around.” Gil pointed to his t-shirt with a logo which reads, “Mystic River,” the name of their band.

Gil was just a great dude to talk to although the chat was brief, only after we landed. The flight was tough – poor movement of air as we were in the back corner and with masks on the whole time. Just meeting Gil made up for the physical discomfort.

A kind-hearted Ciranjiva, a Gujarati from birth, picked me up at the airport to bring me to the home of stalwart devotees, Jagannath, Cintamani, and Kavita, in a fast-growing town, White City. From here we drove to see a Sharma family. Together we watched the recent news coverage of the past Chariot Fest, Regina’s first. Good job done!

Once our visit was completed, we drove towards White City and I asked to be dropped off at a pharmacy to purchase new razors. I told them I would walk back to the house on my own. “You know, I have to get some walking in every day.” I made my purchase and a curious bunch of teens in the parking lot wanted to make the connection. So, they did. We exchanged fancy handshakes. I gave them new ones they hadn’t known. It blew them away. Then we did selfies. Then we chanted. One guy, Chase by name, asked if I have anything I can share, once all the frivolity amongst us was over.

“You have to balance life by giving some attention to your soul,” I said. He seemed to really appreciate that suggestion. I hope to see him in August when he comes to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays baseball game.

“Hey, the monk here is gonna treat me to a gourmet dinner in T.O.” he told his friends.

May the Source be with you!

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