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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Casa Loma, Toronto

Snazzy Buildings

Janardana Maharaja is a Filipino-born person who joined Krishna Consciousness in the ’80s, right in Toronto. He came from Catholic parents. “So did I,” I mentioned to Dayananda, American born and who joined Prabhupada’s movement in ’67.

“I came from a Quaker background,” he said. From there, the three of us, sitting in Govinda’s Restaurant, dove into the deeper history of the Protestants and Catholics, and of our indigenous people in North America. I said, “I heard the Quakers and the Puritans didn’t get along with each other.” That was my speculation.

Our conversation, after a great Govinda’s meal, delved more into our mission. I suddenly had a flashback to ’75, Dallas, when Dayananda was teaching and memorizing the Gita verse, na buddhi bedha janayed… This passage by Krishna is all about encouraging others into the spirit of bhakti. The Lord clearly states, “Do not disrupt the minds of the ignorant…”

That was so long ago, but the lesson Dayananda taught was like yesterday.

In reaching into the past, my usual walking partner, Vallabha Hari, interested our Floridian guests in a walk to the nearby Casa Loma, a handsome castle. The building is only ninety years old, but it has that ancient look. It turns out that many folks stroll up the hill to the famous castle. Upon returning to 243 Avenue Rd, the address of our temple/ashram, I could appreciate that I live in a rather posh building, like a castle. Now that all the doors and window frames have been given a fresh coat of satin black paint, it looks snazzy if not classy.

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