Thursday, 21 July 2022

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Ramsden Park, Toronto

Getting Ready

People are beginning to flow in like rivers to a sea. The big attraction is the 12 Hour Kirtan being held tomorrow at the temple/ashram on 243 Avenue Road. Gopi has a massive following in chanting circles. Her hubby, Param and children (now rather big) are also here from Virginia. Kirtan enthusiasts come from all around. We also have Madhava from Switzerland, who is well known for his chanting. A session took place last night at Trinity Bellwoods Park, just as a warm up for the weekend’s chanting cultural conquest.

All are welcome to an actual three-day event, including a 50th Anniversary of the Chariot Fest for the city of Toronto. A procession begins at Dundas Square on Yonge St. Weather is promising to be good. Come one! Come all! We are also expecting several monks; Chandramauli, Janardana, Bhakti Sundara, and there’s me – all swami’s or renounced men.

Our drama troupe is working hard to assemble our play for the Centre Island venue Saturday and Sunday. The dancing group is coming together in practice for the parade. It’s looking good over-all. Dwarkanatha, our enlightened cook, is working feverishly. Stomach needs are being met by volunteers. Those who are wanting to pump muscles are getting their satisfaction through lifting and loading. The smiles on faces are oceanic. Akash from the U.S. came with all his eagerness to do just about everything. Billy came to assist with the sound system set-up for kirtan.

It’s a busy bee-hive or a frantic ant-hill. The centre is Krishna in all of this.

May the Source be with you!

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