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Monday, July 18, 2022

Rosedale, Toronto

The Group

“Do you believe in the same God as I do?” asked one of the visitors out of the “Encounter World Religions” with Brian Carwana. Naturally I said to the individual that there is one God for all, just as there is one sun that shines on us all, regardless of the place you come from; your creed, colour or gender. He seemed satisfied with the answer.

Brian’s group, which numbered fifty, loved chanting in addition to our philosophical explanations. I explained to them my own journey, about living on the farm and getting disenchanted by the meat that was showing up at the supper table at night. I think that impacted some of the folks when I said that we watched the animals give birth and watched the babies grow and then they became dinner.

Speaking of eating, everyone was fed and it was delicious prasadam; the magic touch of our cook Dwarkanatha.

I explained to the group about the weekend’s past festival. It was our biggest ever. The attendance was easily at 40,000 and all the booths were full of activity.

One woman asked if I could comment on any misconceptions the public may have had about Krishna Consciousness. So, I explained that in the ’60s we were a curiosity. In the ’70s and ’80s we were a cult. Now, we have been accepted as a culture. Surely the tradition has been around for thousands of years. Before departing, Gitas were picked up as well as the recent release of “The Saffron Path.” Overall, it was a great visit.

May the Source be with you!

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