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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Don Valley Bridge, Toronto

The Bhakti Buzz


I have been receiving much correspondence from afar wishing me a “Happy Guru Purnima,” to annually remember one’s teacher on this particular day. Of course, every day is the day to revere one’s mentor, one’s Mother, one’s Father, and so on. Every waking moment should be a conscious one of indebtedness to those who contribute to our lives.

I was asked to give the class this morning, and to speak on my walking endeavours of the years, as all of the marathons were dedicated to our guru, Prabhupada. I hope it was inspiring. If our devotional executions are not layered with the spirit of eagerness to serve, then our gestures become merely flat and our growth is slow.

There is definitely a tremendous energy floating about at the temple, all in preparation for the upcoming Chariot Festival. There are decorators, loaders, cookers, cleaners, dancers and dramatists in rehearsal. It’s all quite exciting. Electrifying! The sparks of bhakti are flying in the air.

Phone calls are coming in like crazy. One chap came in, perhaps pulled in by the magnet of devotion, and he had all these questions about our culture and beliefs. “I’ve been exploring Jainism, Buddhism, all kinds of ways; that’s why I am here. I’m curious about Krishna.”

Vallabha Hari, who has this expressive approach with his strong Croatian accent, most enthusiastically delivered the goods. Our visitor was truly absorbing it, picking up on the strong vibration coming from Vallabha’s mouth and heart. The atmosphere is truly charged up. “Keep plugging in,” is the theme.

May the Source be with you!

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