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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Stouffville, Ontario

Art to Give You a Start

There they were, like kids in a candy shop. The Bhakti Academy crew joined me for a visit to a household in Stouffville. The proprietor, Ajay, handed me a copy of the Krsna Art Book, which I passed on for viewing to BA for their perusal. They were enthralled.

Page after page illustrates and summarizes pastimes of Krishna, which are full of energy, mysticism and holiness. Thus, the group was huddled about the book, a coffee-table sized gorgeous publication. It was the first time they had viewed such a masterpiece of material.

In general, art attracts. Colour, texture, images and emotions project forward and stir the observer. Our guru, Prabhupada, called these works of art, depicting Krishna’s activities, as “Windows to the spiritual world.”

When I called Vivasvan from Detroit, who was my major support person at the start of my US walk, he mentioned he had gone to that gallery to see the seventy-five works of Van Gogh on display.

“How did you like the exhibit?” I asked.

“It was quite wonderful,” he responded.

The whole world is attracted to art, some of it is tasteful, some of it isn’t my cup of tea. I have one friend who collects rejected articles and reassembles them, redefining the materials. I haven’t seen his work, but am looking forward to the time he does an exhibit.

In any event. Art moves people and if it compels the public to a spiritual journey, th en it’s doing its job.

May the Source be with you!


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