Monday, 23 January 2023


Wednesday, January 4th, 2023
243 Avenue Road, Toronto

A fabulous chicory drink, chow mein, Gauranga potatoes (a delicious ISKCON favourite), and kulfi were the special features of an appreciation dinner for the cast and crew of Big Fish Little Fish. It’s always important to say ‘thank you’ for any services rendered, however fun, fair, or foul they sometimes are. Service is service, and it is the most valued type of action that exists in the world.

The demigod serves or assists the Supreme Godhead, life partners serve each other, those that give birth to others serve their children, and when of age, the children serve their parents as they mature in years. It’s all about service which is the main feature of bhakti yoga.

At the ashram we have a cleaning company that comes in to address the needs of floors, windows, washroom, etc., and the head fellow of the cleaning business, Byron, says he loves coming here. He has a contract with many places. He has an opinion about our facility. He loves it because, as put in his own words, “Everyone is so kind to me. They smile and make friends with me and my staff.” It looks like he has picked up on thew good vibes of the ashram. He feels he’s appreciated. I was glad to hear that stick out amongst all the places that employ him.

Everyone needs encouragement through appreciation and so a reference for that is found in the Gita, 3.26.

May the Source be with you!

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