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Friday, December 30th, 2022
243 Avenue Road, Toronto

I am very encouraged by the crew we have to help me in my services to guru and God. Cooperation, humility, good listening, good advising, good intelligence are some of the ingredients that make our product. The main ingredient is bhakti. It is that agent that causes ‘the cake to rise’ or our consciousness to rise.

Our product or project is our production. Drama. Theatre. Teatro. A play called Big Fish Little Fish!

Not only are we experiencing the blossoming of talent, but intelligence as well. A number of young people from our community have come forward to volunteer and it’s making a big difference. When casting people for certain acting roles, I have had to do some personal digging. It involved phone calls, or something asking so-and-so to ask so-and-so to see if he/she would like to get involved.

The personal touch usually works and that’s how the flow of volunteers happens. I know that if I ask, I’ll get a response. If I don’t inquire or invite, nothing will happen. Everything will be quiet. There will be no growth.

I see that here’s a lot of enthusiasm and energy exploding around our little theatre project. My realization around this matter is that there should be a branch of a thespian element within our bhakti culture. Such a venture should be highly supported.

May the Source be with you!

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