Monday, 23 January 2023


Thursday, January 12th, 2023

After a lively morning program, twenty or so of us, young and old, were bound to a beautiful resort run the Amerindian community. It was south, in the bush more towards the Amazon. Our intent–a break, some vitamin D sun, water, and each other.

We ran into some complications. The van owned by Santi Priya, and which I was in, broke down. Our second vehicle, a small bus, came to the rescue. Only time was lost and some walking gained. Santi had been telling me about the wilderness here–the gigantic frogs, wild boards, and massive anteaters that can claw a jaguar to death.

Anyways, in a rather safe environment at the resort, it was fun to see our group of bhakti practitioners splashing the hell out of each other, girls at one end of the stream, boys at the other. Prasadam and kirtan were there to follow. We squeezed out of that beautiful resort, ‘Da-kaboera’, all the pleasure possible.

But then back to the ISKCON centre we travelled, all in the bus (the other vehicle needed towing). One young woman, Priya, stepped forward for her first initiation. She is a gem of a devotee, very competent, and a serious sadhika, self-disciplinarian. She received the name ‘Pavitra’ which means ‘pure’, something to cultivate.

May the Source be with you!

The Suriname wilderness

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