Monday, 23 January 2023


Monday, January 16th, 2023
Yorkville, Toronto

Nikil became my walking partner in 0° weather. I mentioned to him on the is four kilometre walk that I will focus mainly on chanting japa apart from moving the legs. During our short less-than-an-hour trek we became distracted when we became somewhat interrupted.

While on Bloor Street at this evening hour about 9 pm, a woman passed us who was very scantily clad and I couldn’t resist from saying to Nikil, “That woman who just went by us is so inspiring.” Of course, I was being facetious. “She was so unprotected from the elements, showing us detachment from the world.”

Nikil smiled.

We turned a corner and entered into trendy Yorkville. A man in a high-end vehicle noticed NIkil and I. He rolled down his window, stopped his car and smiled saying, “Hare Krishna. It’s been a while.” Frankly, I don’t remember him but went along with the conscious moment with some additional chat. I remarked to Nikil once the motorist moved on that he stopped to say something recognizing not only that we were bundled up in winter attire but were in devotional garb. I was making a point about dressing to be noticed on behalf of Krishna.

We then took a side street of Victorian homes. In one front yard sectioned off by a cedar hedge is a surprise. The homeowner has set in the corner a wooden statue of a Vedic apsara. It’s quite tucked away, but I noticed it some years ago. I brushed off the snow from her head. Nikil was wowed because it is beautifully carved.

Anyways, that was our third interruption.

May the Source be with you!

4 km

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