Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Tuesday, December 27, 2022 

The Annex, Toronto 


Positive Good Feeling 


During the two years of COVID, much paraphernalia piles up; some of it is worthy to trash, some of it needs keeping. For sure some of it needs restationing into other storage areas. The chair room just can't take everything. So, I pulled up my socks and rolled up my sleeves and getting “by with a little help from my friends,” (I like Joe Cocker's version of the song) we're accomplishing a major cleanup. 


And it feels so good. 


I'll tell you what else feels so good, calling up my peers and encouraging them to sponsor Gita's for distribution to people who could really use the wisdom and thereby turn things around. It makes me feel cleaner. 


The preparation for our upcoming drama is starting to come together. This is hard work, but I get the opportunity to work with men and women in their twenties; always an energetic and hopeful bunch. The efforts are creating such a nice atmosphere in the temple and the ashram. 


My final feel-good activity for the day was my evening walk. It's a quiet week, time between Christmas and New Year's. I do hope for a good year to come. One where people will find themselves caught in positive engagements. Cleaning clutter, sharing wisdom, giving time to future leaders and some self down-time made this day positive and pure. 


May the Source be with you! 



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