Monday, 23 January 2023


Tuesday, January 10th, 2023
Georgetown, Guyana

Temperatures are ranging from the low of 20 degrees Celsius to the highs of 30 degrees, which is high for me. When that sun comes out and humidity on top of it, I hide in my hole. As expressed before ,I’m relishing the early morning hours when the sun is tucked away and breezes are alive. That’s when I do my japa chanting.

I have the god fortune to meet devotees throughout the day. They visit my room (my hole) for conversations, advice, blessings. Only God knows I need their blessings. I do feel some worth when they come, mostly folks younger than myself. I’m constantly reminded during any delivery of classes that some people I quote (outside of our acharya teachers) that I’m a dinosaur. Oh well, I think ti’s good for audiences to know that there are deceases wise people whom I quote, who have molded my way of thinking; that there’s a richness arisen from before.

Tonight’s program was held in the Georgetown area, just a block away from the iconic OMG steakhouse. A Mr. D. Singh and family hosted our bhakti crowd for chanting and a talk. When our MC, Prabhupadadev, said something about New Year’s, I took it as a segue to the topic of a fresh start. Everything was just so cool about the family, generous donors in the food business, and the attendees. I love it when attention is given to my words of experience and discovery. I love it when questions sure and when people sing and dance in unison.

Tonight was all auspicious. Let us smile like He does.

May the Source be with you!

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