Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Monday, December 26, 2022

Yorkville, Toronto.

Coming Up

Being setting up the stage for our upcoming drama, “Big Fish, Little Fish.” January 1st is the date for its presentation., 5:30 PM. It's a story about the journey. In the life of a soul who falls from grace, you can say. Unique about this. Comedic play. Is that we draw an analogy of a fish out of water.

This endeavour. Of community theatre. Is all fueled by actors and teckies from the local congregation. It's good fun, and it has a great message behind it, which is that we all came from the spirit world. That's where we belong, and that's where we should be headed. The term used by our guru, Prabhupada, was “Go back home, back to Godhead.” 

We are going to fill up our temple room where the stage is set up. In the early ’80s, the then temple president, Vishvakarma, and I, initiated this. January 1st Festival, which we named the Prabhupada Festival. We figured it was a way to welcome the New Year and set it on a good note. Just our regular Sunday program has been going well, attendance wise. so many new and younger people are attending, and there's nothing to indicate that it will slow down.

This is a good sign. Basic culture and higher consciousness will be a major force and have a healthy presence in the earthly landscape for this century and centuries to come. It is imperative that we preserve integrity while expansion takes place.

Happy New Year!

May the Source be with you!



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