Monday, 23 January 2023


Friday, January 13th, 2023

It takes a good hour to drive to Suriname’s principal airport, the Johan Adolf Pengel, from Paramaribo. I was touched by the accompaniment of devotees who ‘came for the ride’ which marked my exit from the world’s most forested country, Suriname. Goodbye and haribol to you, great souls.

During the visit at the gate, I met Samuel, initiated as Shyamasundar by our spiritual cousins, the Gaudiya Math, and who attend our weekly Sunday Open House in Paramaribo. He was headed for Miami, as was I, to meet his son who lives in the Netherlands. In our dialogue he expressed in no short terms how fortunate he feels about his connection with Chaitanya, the father of public kirtan, and also the great travelling monk. Shyamasundar was kind to come back to my seat in the plane and offer me some dinner from his first class seat.

Miami International is a busy airport like most in the States. There was a two-hour span between arrival and departure for Canada. It was nothing eventful, except for my bit of chanting on the japa beads and calling some devotional acquaintances from Florida.

I finally caught up on some rest for the last of the journey’s leg (or wing). As we landed, I could catch the glimpse of snow. To some parts of Canada, winter has been delayed, but now it’s present.

The tropics are behind me. Hello Canada. Hello Nanda who arrived as my trusty driver. I’m back, but for a short while until Ottawa and India.

May the Source be with you!

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