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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Caledon, Ontario

What to Do With Christmas?

Okay! So, it’s Christmas Eve and what might a believer in Krishna do on such a day, a day when Christians celebrate Christs’ birth?

One of our members of the Greater Toronto Area, Vishal, runs a successful family business – a mattress business to be exact. On the strength of the business, the family has channelled much of their energy towards developing a rural farm with Gir cows and bulls; bovine species from India. There are plans for greenhouses for growing plants. They built a lovely home and tonight was the night for a home warming. People came despite winter weather.

We held kirtan chanting sessions. I gave a talk on blessings and so did Vishal’s mum. Food was a big feature. People pitched in with methodology potluck. The mood was sweet.

I did mention about this time not being Jesus’ birth, but for the pagans it’s the birth of the sun and, hence, it was a big celebration. Theologians say Christ was born on January 6th, at least some have taken this position. And St. Nicolas was born December 6th. You have different Christian groups from Eurasia celebrating birthdays at different times. In any event, people have some time off and in our Krishna community, we are engaged in a glorification of the Divine in the form of Lord Krishna.

There is always a good excuse for us to come together.

May the Source be with you!


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