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Thursday, December 22, 2022


A Friend In the Air

Every once in a while, I meet a real nice person as a passenger on the plane next to me. The timing on the flight between Vancouver and Toronto couldn’t be better for dodging storms. Vancouver got clobbered and there’s more to come. Predictions indicate that storms will hit Toronto, so there was a break of winter chaos and that happened to be my flight time for Air Canada 108. The stress reliever is always mantra power, so that’s what I resorted to. An additional soothe space was in meeting Mike, 23, whose last name was Greek.

A graduate of McMaster U., he is a smart chap who was fascinated, not by the latest action movie on the screen, but in the fabulous sunset which he photographed. He also indulged me in the topic of another of his passions such as the wonder of Egypt’s pyramids. He showed me some data from his screen on mathematical precisions that would indicate extraordinary accuracy in their engineering.

We talked of aliens. Would artificial intelligence, extra-terrestrials or aliens be somewhat involved in these incredible structures? These were our thoughts. I did tell Mike of such possibilities of demigods and celestials who likely participated in man’s early development on this very planet, according to the Vedas.

Our discussion went the way of spiritual concepts as well. “We are not these bodies. We are spirits that change bodies.”

Mike is a good listener. Naturally we talked about walking marathons. It was great to be able to pass the time quickly through meaningful conversation.

May the Source be with you!


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